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home is where you hang yourself

30 June
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1920s, a silver mt. zion, accents, acoustic, air guitar, alan cumming, animals, arab strap, armor for sleep, avery, azure ray, barbies, beer, belle and sebastian, bettie page, biting, blonde redhead, books, borders, bright eyes, camel turkish royal, camp fires, cats, cedar point, chelsea, children, coffee, collages, cucumbers, cursive, death cab for cutie, december, denali, desaparacidos, desaparecidos, dogs, drawing hearts, dredg, driving at night, elbow, evelyn, explosions in the sky, family guy, feeling cold, firewater, fireworks, flowers, frou frou, gin, godspeed you black emperor, green day, green eyes, happy tree friends, hearts, heavenly creatures, her space holiday, hobbits, holding hands, holocaust, hoodies, horses, hugs, interpol, isobel campbell, jejune, jets to brazil, jokes, kisses, laughing, limbeck, long hugs, long showers, lord of the rings, lou reed, loud music, love, luna, mae, marijuana, masturbating, metric, mineral, modest mouse, mogwai, mountain dew, movies, muse, music, my bloody valentine, my hotel year, neutral milk hotel, olive, oral sex, orgasms, packing bowls, paloalto, pasta, pedro the lion, penis, pens, photos, pin up girls, pinback, porn, pot, pretty girls make graves, psychology, rainer maria, rasputina, rats, reading, red hair, rilo kiley, rollercoasters, rufus wainwright, salads, sex, skipping, sleep, smashing pumpkins, smoking, sorry about dresden, steadman, stickers, storms, taco bell, ted leo/pharmacists, the booda velvets, the color pink, the dark crystal, the decemberists, the new amsterdams, the new pornographers, the postal service, the rum diary, the seahorses, the shipping news, the used, the walkmen, the weakerthans, trainspotting, veggies, vintage pornography, vodka, washing my hands, wilco, winter, yo la tengo, your mom, zoos